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Past Events

Acoustics in the Workplace – Real Design Solutions for the Real World

Speaker – Jason Mark – How We Work Around Sound

Speaker – Blair McKolskey – Why Acoustics Matter?

Speaker – Desmond Raymond – Understanding Noise in Design

The Only Way is Up – Growth of High-Rise Residential

Sydney Event

Sydney is in the midst of a profound change from a city predominantly based on suburban lifestyle and suburban values to one more focused around medium to high density living. This change is being driven by a variety of factors: overseas investment; influx of people more accustomed to this type of lifestyle and expecting the same within Sydney; major new infrastructure providing access to sites previously considered too remote from the city; affordability and the shift of industry away from areas in proximity to the city releasing large sites well located for development. A great high-rise lifestyle is achieved through the combination of well-designed homes and the provision of amenities both within and around these developments. Access to parks, libraries and retail is as important as a well-designed apartment.  The amenities of the home once found wholly within the suburban block, now extend into the shared communal and public spaces.

Digital and Parametric design in Residential and Urban Architecture – Bridging the gap between Theory and Practice

Operating largely in the residential spere we recognise that we are increasingly dealing with a new and unprecedented set of realities and responding to a new set of imperatives. These impertives include increasing population and densities, limited resources and space, changing climate and the new realities of the globalisation. At the same time, technology has delivered new digital tools and capabilities which are impacting the means which architecture is realised. This includes new software, new thinking about network strategies and new means of fabrication.

Fire Safety Compliance and Solutions

Speaker – Christina Knorr – Fire Safety Compliance

Speaker – Shahid Malimar – AS5113 Façade Testing

Speaker – John Walker – Fire Safety When Using Timber Cladding

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