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Introduction to ClearVue

ClearVue Technologies Limited

An Australian company dedicated to solving the renewable energy dilemma and meeting the world’s current and future energy requirements in a clean, safe and sustainable manner, ClearVue Technologies Ltd (ASX:CPV) is leading the way in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

The company’s core product offering is, at its simplest, highly energy efficient, clear glass that generates electricity.  Internationally recognized and scientifically published for this disruptive technology innovation, ClearVue has achieved certifications and standards including UL, IEC, TUV-SUD and CE, and commenced commercialization of clear, solar PV glazing products and solutions.

ClearVue’s PV glazing creates clean energy on site whilst minimizing energy use within the building. This patented, innovative technology uses an activated interlayer of nano and micro particles, sandwiched within a panel composed of two or three glass panes (depending on project demands), some of which are coated with specialised thin-films, to internally diffuse, redistribute, and reflect elements of the incoming light towards the edges of the glass panel. Here, the elements of the light are collected by monocrystalline silicon-based PV modules, which are placed into a circuit that is optimized to harvest energy rays coming from multiple directions. All glass and specialty coating types used within the system are also selected carefully to maximise the system performance.

ClearVue has now taken this technology and deployed it into a range of smart product applications, SmartVuePV, allowing for the creation of green infrastructure with the ability to integrate IoT connectivity and intelligence into the built environment, from high rise building facades, to greenhouses. The end result is the creation of intelligent, self-powered buildings that are not only beautiful, but also energy efficient, acoustically better, provide superior occupant comfort and save money.

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Understanding of advanced glazing technology and smart building material that aims to preserve glass transparency to maintain building aesthetics, whilst generating electricity from clear windows.

Know more about the Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) space, which involves the integration of solar PV into glass and windows, to provide a new renewable energy source from building facades and surfaces.


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