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Industrial Doors

We know how efficiency can influence your business. You need reliable industrial doors and dock equipment to keep your buildings secure and at the same time good-looking. Our collection of industrial and commercial doors is just what you need. Together we can customise entrance systems to help your business thrive.








From planning and design to construction and delivery, we can support you in meeting the requirements of your project. Benefit from our expert knowledge of BIM objects, sustainability, aesthetics, functionality and regulatory compliance so you achieve a smooth flow of people, goods, and vehicles.

When aesthetics meet functionality

You do not need to compromise on your building’s look. You and your client’s vision should be the red thread running through every element of the building design. It includes the products you specify. Our architect consultants are committed to helping you make sure that your specifications – and your vision – make it through to the final building. 

Complete your design with BIM objects

Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables you to visualise a project’s physical and functional characteristics. Whether it is staircases, windows, or doors, BIM archives every detail and shows your client precisely what they can expect from the products specified in their building. To support architects in the building design phase, we offer you our free BIM objects for automatic doors, industrial doors, high-speed doors and loading dock equipment. The BIM library will continue to grow as more products from our comprehensive portfolio are added.



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  • Well-designed entrances and loading dock equipment uncork bottlenecks, keep temperatures stable, and help you maintain hygienic or sterile spaces.

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