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About Us

Handkrafted connects you with talented local makers to commission high-quality bespoke furniture. It’s the ideal resource for interior designers, architects and other design professionals looking to commission custom-made furniture and other goods for their discerning clients.

Now in its 10th year of business, Handkrafted has deep relationships and expertise within the Australian furniture industry. They feature hundreds of independent furniture makers across Australia covering many different specialisations and across all types of projects from residential interiors to commercial fit-outs including shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Coupled with our one-to-one, personalised service, we ensure you are connected with only the most suitable makers for your particular client brief. 

Simply post a brief on their website and have interested and suited makers reach out to you to start discussing options for your project.



  • When two brands with shared values join forces, there is infinite potential to create something epic. When WeWork entrusted some of its new Sydney office, 333 George St, fitout to our team at Handkrafted, we knew our furniture makers would serve up something amazing.

  • A platform for creators established in 2010, WeWork creates beautiful and functional workspaces in major cities across the globe. WeWork’s mission is to create a world where people make a life, not just a living. So, when the company’s New York City-based Interior Design team contacted Handkrafted directly to enquire about a custom office fitout, the synergy was obvious.
  • Fairly new to Australia, the WeWork team saw an opportunity to support a local startup (Handkrafted), and the local makers in our community, to procure high quality, sustainable designs.On the WeWork website, the premise of their story is: “Community is our catalyst.” What better way to showcase a company’s dedication to community than by collaborating with a startup whose platform revolves around fostering and supporting a community of its own?

    As part of the custom fitout, the WeWork team requested four main projects from Handkrafted’s furniture makers…including a couple out of the ordinary.

    For those of us in Australia, the word “shuffleboard” doesn’t ring any bells. Shuffleboard or Table Shuffleboard is a popular American game, often found in backyards or bars, played with pucks on a wooden board. It is conceptually similar to curling or even lawn bowls.

    WeWork wanted a modern take on the traditional shuffleboard, and selected Sydney-based furniture maker, Jonathan West delivered with a beautiful Oak and Ash rendition featuring impeccable joinery.

  • The second commissioned piece was a ping pong meeting table, made by none other than the talented Cameron Hird behind makimaki Furniture. The WeWork team happened across a previous commission of this sleek table on Handkrafted, and loved the design so much they wanted to work directly with Cameron, despite him being based in Brisbane. I mean, just take a look at this American Oak beauty in one of WeWork’s meeting rooms.
  • WeWork prides itself on its all-inclusive hallmark amenities — on-site staff, cleaning services, coffee and fruit water, and more…because what is a collaborative workspace without a fully decked out kitchen and entertaining area? So, the WeWork team chose Elliot Jones from Telegraph Road in the Blue Mountains to do what he does best. With numerous restaurant fitouts under his belt, Elliot harnessed his expertise to create stunning bar height tables and stools.
  • Last but not least, to complement the natural light flooding into the space, WeWork commissioned an abundance of bespoke lighting fixtures from Asher Abergel. To fulfil parts of the massive order, Asher collaborated with another Handkrafted furniture maker, Zev Bianchi. In the true spirit of community and collaboration: together, they made magic happen.
  • Together, by drawing on each others’ communities, we’ve all created someplace wonderful.

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