‘Inspiring ways of living’ is our promise. We transcend cultural and historical differences – across borders and continents – to offer life’s necessities of shelter and beyond. We endeavour to provide sustainable, comfortable and beautiful living spaces that contribute to a better world.

When Ludwig Hatszhek invented fibre cement in the late 19th century, he combined the basic elements of the earth: minerals, water, air and fire (heat) in a simple filtration process. Our mother company, Etex, has been manufacturing fibre cement materials since 1905. The most prestigious incarnation in this proud heritage of unique materials is EQUITONE range.

EQUITONE is a through-coloured, high-density, non-combustible façade material designed by and for architects. A cement composite material consisting of cement, cellulose and minerals, the panels can be transformed into any shape or size and offer

No matter what design options you explore, EQUITONE’s nature guarantees crisp, monolithic details every time.

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