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About the Project

At 9 meters long overall, 1.2 meters wide with a 150-mm thick slab. The Countertop curves up out of the floor at one end and is supported along its length by just three columns. The cupboards underneath were added after the concrete work was completed. The end of the countertop extends past the last supporting column 2.4 metres. This end was built high so when the forms were removed, the cantilever settled back to level. It is tensioned by a 16-mm (0.64-inch) reinforcing cage tapering from the unsupported end through to the curve at the other end of the piece. The clients son loves to come home from school and lie in the curve with his dog to cool off in summer. The clients spread their papers out on a Sunday morning while enjoying a leisurely breakfast. The piece was built in an old car assembly factory, and renovated, among other things, into thi The project was featured last year in Le Plus Beaux Interiors, a magazine published in France. The counter was featured on the magazines cover. The old existing concrete factory floor was ground and polished as well as building the bench. And yes, the car lives where it is in the photo. It was not placed there for the shoot.

About the Company

Concrete by Design is a Sydney based company with a long proud history. Involved in projects around Australia and Overseas. Concrete by Design and it’s principal, Dallas Mexon, has consuted with some of Australia’s leading Architects, Designers and Consulting companies. Completing projects for construction companies such as Abigroup, Thiess, Jon Holland and Leighton.

In recent years interior design trends have seen a resurgence of classic building materials such as concrete stone and wood. An intimate understanding of concrete and its various applications allow us to create flooring finishes and concrete interiors with compelling results.

In addition to our core services outlined in this website we offer Design, Installation and Consultation Services. Education (awarding CPD points) Specification development and Prduct development.

Some leading projects we have been involved in include the Sydney Olympics, Telstra Stadium, Sydney International Airport, International Resorts, The Galleries Victoria as well as some of Australia’s pre-eminent homes.

We strive to be the best at what we do.

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