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22 May 2024


04:00 PM




New Zealand,

Going Underground – Geoexchange Heating And Cooling


Picture of Geoexchange going underground

1 Formal CPD Hour
1 GBCA Approved Point

4:00 PM AEDT

NSCA Preformance Criteria 

PC28, PC39, PC41, PC 45


Please Note: PC 45 relates to – Be able to nominate and integrate quality and performance standards with regard to selected materials, finishes, fittings, components and systems, considering the impact on Country and the environment, and the whole life carbon impact of the project. This includes integrating life cycle assessments and other expertise and advice from consultants. the environment, and the whole life carbon impact of the project.,


Presented by Yale Carden

Ask the average green building professional about solar energy and they will tell you they know how to capture the sun’s energy via either photovoltaic solar or solar thermal.


But why are we only focusing on catching what is falling from the sky when we have a much larger store of solar energy waiting for us beneath our feet?


Of the total solar energy that reaches the Earth, all but approximately 6% of it is absorbed by and stored in the ground.


Learn how to properly tap into the world’s biggest battery with ground source heat pumps and geothermal exchange, a technology that Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and the US Environmental Protection Agency state is the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning system available on the market today.


At the end of this presentation attendees will:


      • Appreciate 12 advantages that ground source heat pump (geothermal exchange) heating and cooling systems have over conventional solutions on both residential and commercial projects
      • Recognize 3 disadvantages that typically are hurdles for the application of geothermal exchange systems
      • Understand how (and why) a geothermal exchange system works so well.



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